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We are proud to offer cutting-edge cloud solutions for a variety of industries, including
Cloud Gaming Service Platform,
Digital Humans,
Metaverse Event.
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Cloud Gaming PaaS Solution
A one-stop cloud gaming solution that supports low latency real-time interactions. Instant play heavy games across platforms and devices!See Price Details
  • ~99.9%
  • 1Billion+
    Service Hours
  • 1million+
Reach more devices with lower specs
Click & play, update free
Reach more platforms including PC/Mac/Web/TV/iOS/Android
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Technical Highlights

Low Bandwidth Requirement

1080p/60fps experience requires as low as 4-8Mbps

Low Latency

End-to-end latency ranges from 30-50ms depending on network condition

Network Optimization

smooth gaming experience with up to 7% packet loss

Digital Human
Well-Link empower entire process of digital human creation, driving, operation, customized standardized out-of-the-box digital human services, as well as operational wardrobe services.See Price Details
  • Meta² Live
    Live broadcasting and short video shooting
  • Meta² Link
    Automatic driving system adapts most mainstream software
  • Meta² DNA
    Industry-leading standard micro-emotion technology
Metaverse Event
Well-Link deliver standard process service for metaverse event, including large-scale metaverse events, virtual concerts, cloud-based virtual avatars, and post-event operations and maintenance services.See Price Details
  • Meta²Event
    Diverse meta-universe space
  • Meta²Live Pro
    Live virtual concerts
  • Meta²Avatar
    Virtual Avatar cloud service